Shareholder and Investor

Shareholder and Investor

This section presents a wide range of financial and analytical information. The information given in this section is for reference only and does not constitute an invitation or inducement to engage in investment activity.

Furthermore, PJSC Chelyabinsk Zinc Plant discloses all information on the Internet page of Interfax-CCID LLC, an information agency accredited by the Central Bank of the Russian Federation for information disclosure. The information is available at:: 


Issuing copies of documents that shall be provided to shareholders and other interested parties in accordance with Articles 89 and 91 of the Federal Law “On Joint-Stock Companies”, as well as the Regulation on Information Disclosure by issuers of equity securities approved by the order of the Federal Service for Financial Markets of Russia dated October 10, 2006. No. 06-117/пз-н, shall be carried out upon submission of the relevant request made in any written form to the address of PJSC CZP.

The fee charged by the Company for providing copies of documents, excluding the postage, amounts to 4.00 rubles per sheet; taking into account the postage - 6.00 rubles for one sheet.    

Payment shall be made by bank transfer by transferring funds to the following details: 
CB Ring of the Urals LLC, the city of Ekaterinburg
Bank address:620144, Ekaterinburg, Bolshakova Str., 109
Bank INN 6608001425 
BIK 046577768 c/a 30101810500000000768  
s/a 40702810600000002944  

If you have any questions about providing copies of documents and payment, please call: +7 (351) 799-00-35, phone/fax (351) 799-00-36.